Love your Nintendo Switch? Get ready for an amazing year of games! Tons of awesome titles are coming out in 2024, from sequels to brand-new adventures you never saw coming. Are you looking for epic quests or just a fun way to relax? The best Nintendo Switch games 2024 have something for everyone, no matter your skill level. So grab your console, get comfy, and prepare to play, as it will be a fantastic year for gamers!

History Of Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s story is a journey of constant evolution, always pushing the boundaries of gaming. Get ready to revisit some iconic moments that paved the way for the best Switch games 2024!

  • 1889: It all starts with Fusajiro Yamauchi crafting playing cards in Kyoto, Japan. Little did he know, he was laying the groundwork for a gaming giant.
  • 1980s: Fast-forward to the 1980s, and Nintendo takes America by storm. We’re getting familiar with characters like Mario and Link alongside games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario. New games include the legendary Game & Watch handhelds and the NES, a console that would define a generation.
  • 1990s: The innovation continues with the release of the Super NES, the Nintendo 64 (remember Super Mario 64?), and the phenomenon that was Pokémon on the Game Boy Color.
  • 2000s:  The new millennium brings the GameCube, the first Nintendo console to use discs, the innovative dual-screened DS, and the revolutionary Wii, with its motion-controlled gameplay that had everyone moving!
  • 2010s & Beyond: The 3DS lets us experience 3D gaming without glasses, while the Wii U introduces us to the unique Wii U GamePad controller and amiibo.
  • Finally, from 2017 to 2019, the Nintendo Switch offers the best console gaming at home and on the go. This versatile platform is now home to countless incredible games. With a constant stream of exciting new releases, the Switch continues to be a powerhouse in the gaming world.

List Of The Best Games 2024

Take a look at the games listed below:

1. Princess Peach: Showtime

The game debuts in 2024, finally giving our favorite princess her starring role in a brand-new adventure!  Forget damsel-in-distress; this is a new adventure where Peach is the hero.

In this game, you need to help a character named Peach save the Sparkle Theatre. Save it from the wicked group and the sour branch, who have set the stage for the tragedy. On your way, you will meet Stella, the theatre’s guardian, who will help you in your mission.

best nintendo switch games 2024

It lets you experience the princess like never before, with unique abilities tied to each of her many disguises.  Whether whipping up magical pastries or wielding a legendary sword, Peach’s got a surprise for every challenge. Are you looking for a light-hearted adventure with a strong female lead? It is a must-play for the best Switch games 2024 has to offer!

2. MLB: The Show 24

Are you ready to step onto the diamond with the legends? Look no further than “MLB The Show 24,” a top contender for the best Switch games 2024. The version came on March 19th, and it isn’t your average sports sim. 

It throws you into the heart of baseball history, letting you relive iconic moments and rewrite legends with a twist.  Imagine controlling a rising star, leading them from minor league hopeful to World Series champion!

best nintendo switch games 2024 But that’s not all –  you can also take control as a team manager in franchise mode and achieve victory.  Whether you’re a baseball lover or a fan, it offers a sports experience that’s sure to hit a home run!

3. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heros

Attention JRPG fans and Suikoden veterans!  We are calling all those who yearn for a return to classic role-playing glory. The new series will come into play in April, and it might just be the answer to your prayers.  A strong contender for the best Nintendo Switch games 2024, this game is the successor to the Suikoden series.

best nintendo switch games 2024

It is a sprawling adventure where your choices shape the story, with a captivating 3D world teeming with life.  The true magic lies in the characters 100 to befriend and recruit, just like the good old days of Suikoden!  

Every character you recruit adds a unique layer to the narrative, making each playthrough a fresh experience.  Whether an oldtimer or a newcomer, “Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes” deserves a spot in your Switch library.  

4. The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a serious contender for the best Switch games 2024.  This sequel to the legendary Breath of the Wild isn’t just bigger, it’s bolder.  Prepare to lose yourself in a vast, open world brimming with dungeons, hidden shrines, and countless quests.

best nintendo switch games 2024

But Tears of the Kingdom isn’t just about exploration. Link’s arsenal gets a major upgrade, with a focus on creation.  Imagine whipping up fantastical vehicles with the “Ultrahand” ability or fusing existing items to craft groundbreaking weapons.  The possibilities are endless!  

The story picks up after Breath of the Wild, with the evil threatening Hyrule and Zelda nowhere around.  As Link, it’s up to you to rebuild your strength, locate the princess, and restore peace to the land.  Are you ready to write the next chapter in Hyrulean legend?

5. Star Ocean: The Second Story R

A legend returns in “Star Ocean: The Second Story R,” a top contender for the best Switch games 2024. It isn’t just a simple port—it’s a masterful blend of classic charm and modern sensibilities.

Imagine exploring a sprawling universe and forging your path in a rich, player-driven storyline. Thrilling combat keeps the action pumping, while stunning visuals bring the world to life in a new way. 

best nintendo switch games 2024

And let’s not forget the remixed soundtrack—a nostalgic treat for veterans and a fresh listen for newcomers. “Star Ocean: The Second Story R” is for lovers of RPG games, offering a truly unforgettable experience. It is a must-play if you’re craving epic space adventures and deep customization!

6. Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Get ready to rediscover the joy with “Super Mario Bros. Wonder,” a contender for the best Switch games 2024. It isn’t just another side-scrolling adventure – it’s a full-on platforming renaissance.

best nintendo switch games 2024

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is charming and innovative, from the tiniest animation details to its “anything-could-happen” level design. The Wonder Flowers add a whole new layer of strategic gameplay, while badges let you customize Mario like never before. And for the first time, you can team up with friends online for epic co-op adventures!

Whether you’re an expert or a newcomer seeking a delightful platforming experience, it will make you smile.  With its boundless creativity and endless replayability, it’s a must-play for the best Nintendo Switch games 2024 offers!

7. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

It’s an achievement for the series and a top contender for the best Switch games 2024.

Anime chess meets epic fantasy! You take control of Byleth, a professor caught in the middle of warring factions at a prestigious academy.  The relationships you forge with your students and your choices have far-reaching consequences, surprisingly shaping the narrative.

best nintendo switch games 2024

Three distinct storylines offer hours of strategic depth, each playthrough revealing a new facet of the world.  Loveable characters, a refined RPG system, and intense turn-based combat – Fire Emblem: Three Houses has it all.  Are you looking for a game that combines strategic thinking with captivating storytelling? It is a must-have for the best Nintendo Switch games 2024 offers!

8. Sea Of Stars

Prepare to sail with “Sea of Stars,” a captivating contender for the best Nintendo Switch games 2024. It is a perfect entry point for newcomers to the genre! It isn’t just another retro throwback—it’s a letter to the golden age of RPGs with a modern twist.

best nintendo switch games 2024

Two unlikely heroes, Zale and Valere, wield the power of the sun and moon to combat a sinister alchemist.  It goes beyond offering mind-bending puzzles alongside strategic combat that lets you command up to six unique characters.

It marks the exciting Switch debut for “Sea of Stars,” previously available on other platforms.  Once you conquer this adventure, you can jump into “The Messenger,” a linked game in the same universe!  Sea of Stars is a must-have for the best Nintendo Switch games 2024 offers!

9. Unicorn Overlord

We are calling all strategy RPG fans and art enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for “Unicorn Overlord,” a strong contender for the best Switch games 2024 with a unique twist. This masterpiece from Vanillaware combines stunning hand-drawn 2D graphics with turn-based combat. It is a feast for the eyes and a challenge for the mind.

best nintendo switch games 2024

Explore a vast, open world unlike anything Vanillaware has created before. It lets you roam freely, completing objectives and recruiting new allies to your cause.  But prepare for battles as you travel the landscape and transform into your combat arena!  This unique blend of exploration and strategic warfare sets “Unicorn Overlord” apart from previous titles.

Whether you’re captivated by the game’s breathtaking visuals or crave a strategic challenge, this game has something for everyone. It will surely highlight the best Nintendo Switch games 2024 offers.

10. Metroid Dread

Samus Aran returns in blazing style with Metroid Dread, a serious contender for the best Switch games 2024.  It’s a sequel to the beloved franchise, and it feels fresh and familiar.

Take an iconic arsenal with unmatched fluidity, navigating a beautiful world of danger.  Metroid Dread picks up the narrative thread from 2001’s Metroid Fusion, offering a satisfying conclusion for fans. It delivers an unforgettable action-exploration experience regardless of your gaming history.

best nintendo switch games 2024

Metroid Dread is packed with content, offering hours of exploration and thrilling combat. It is one of the best Nintendo Switch games 2024 has to offer. Get ready to suit up and embark on an unforgettable adventure!

Why Is Nintendo Switch The Favourite?

Nintendo. It sparks a spark of pure joy in gamers, young and old. But what secret sauce keeps us glued to their consoles despite ever-evolving technology and powerful competitors? It all boils down to two things: heritage and legendary games.

We grew up on classics like Mario and Zelda, forming a lifelong bond with the company and its characters. This legacy transcends generations, with parents introducing their kids to Nintendo’s magic.

Some might say Nintendo consoles lack the power of others, but they’re unbeatable for gameplay fun.  Their games are timeless classics, offering innovative mechanics, unforgettable stories, and a charm that keeps us returning for more.

These strengths are exactly why gamers love them. Nintendo boasts iconic franchises like Mario and Zelda, each offering endless adventures. They constantly innovate, keeping gameplay fresh. The brand is globally recognized and cherished by all ages.  Unlike others, they cater to families, casual players, and even seniors who can find joy in the Nintendo universe. Affordability is another plus – Nintendo consoles and games are typically accessible.

Remember, a large part of their fanbase starts young. They cultivate lifelong fans by fostering a love for gaming through child-friendly experiences. Parents appreciate wholesome entertainment, while iconic characters become global stars.


Do you like epic adventures, strategic battles, and creative challenges? The list above lists the best Switch games 2024 for you to play.  From genre-bending twists to cherished throwbacks, the best games offer an explosion of creativity. Dive into epic adventures, strategize to victory, or simply unwind with a delightful escape – the choice is yours! So, fire up your Nintendo Switch, grab your favorite controller, and prepare to embark on unforgettable journeys.  The world of the best Nintendo Switch games 2024 awaits, so which games will you choose?

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