Best Casinos in Sydney Australia


Step into a world of thrill and excitement as we explore the best casinos in Sydney, Australia. Sydney’s vibrant casino scene offers unforgettable experiences, from iconic landmarks to hidden gems. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just looking for a night of entertainment, Sydney’s casinos promise a blend of luxury, games, and the allure of chance.

History Of Casinos In Australia

Discover the rich history of gambling in Australia, dating back to the 18th century. Early settlers engaged in the coin-based game Two Up originated in Ancient Greece. The Gold Rush era saw its peak popularity. In 1810, the first official horse race kicked off the gambling scene, flourishing by the 1840s. The Melbourne Cup, initiated in 1861, remains a pinnacle, generating billions in wagers annually. 

Government-run lotteries emerged during World War I and persist today. Pokie machines, introduced in 1953, revolutionized gambling, with over 200,000 machines yielding about $3 billion annually. The first casino in Australia surfaced in 1973, boosting Tasmania’s tourism. The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 regulated online gambling, which, despite restrictions, overgrew. Today, online gambling thrives, fueled by loopholes and the popularity of sports betting, especially among the younger generation.

List Of Top 5 Casinos In Sydney

Discover gaming excitement in Sydney, Australia, with our curated list of the best casinos. From dazzling lights to high-stakes thrills, these top-notch establishments redefine entertainment in the vibrant city.



The Star in Sydney, Australia, presents a colossal land-based casino that caters to every gaming desire. This gaming haven features a vast array of table games, including classics like blackjack and baccarat, the excitement of roulette, and diverse poker variations. The Star doesn’t stop at games; it offers a VIP experience for those with a more expansive budget, adding an extra touch of luxury to your gaming adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking the thrill of the tables or a newcomer looking for a night of entertainment, The Star is one of the best casinos in Sydney, Australia, ensuring an immersive and unforgettable experience for every gamer.

Address: Star Casino 80 Pyrmont St. Pyrmont NSW 2009 Sydney, Australia

Phone: (02) 9777 9000


Explore the gaming allure at City Tattersalls Club in Sydney, Australia, where a spacious 4,200 square foot casino floor awaits. It boasts 400 slots and this dynamic gaming hub focuses on delivering an engaging slot experience. While there are no table games, the historic club unfolds various areas and venues catering to different hours of enjoyment for pokies, TAB, and Keno enthusiasts. Dive into the pulsating energy of the slot machines, where the thrill of each spin adds a touch of excitement to your gaming journey. City Tattersalls Club is one of the best casinos in Sydney, Australia, offering a unique blend of history and contemporary gaming for enthusiasts seeking a vibrant and entertaining experience.

Address: City Tattersalls Club Casino 194-204 Pitt Street Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Phone: 0418 578 159


Crown envisions creating and managing an iconic, world-class, luxury six-star hotel resort with VIP gaming facilities at Barangaroo South, Sydney. This resort, set to unveil its grandeur by late 2019, aims to redefine the gaming and hospitality experience. Imagine indulging in the epitome of luxury, where every detail makes it an unforgettable stay. Crown’s proposal blends opulence with entertainment, immersing gamers and visitors in an unparalleled experience. As one of the best casinos in Sydney, Australia, this upcoming resort promises to be a beacon of sophistication and excitement, inviting you to join a new gaming and leisure era.

Address: Crown Sydney Barangaroo, Sydney NSW, Australia

Phone: +61 2 8871 7188


Discover another gaming gem by Celebrity Cruises nestled along Circular Quay in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This casino promises an exceptional gaming experience against the stunning backdrop of Circular Quay. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the gaming scene, this casino offers a unique blend of excitement and entertainment. Unwind and try your luck in an atmosphere that combines the thrill of gaming with the allure of one of Australia’s most iconic locations. As one of the best casinos in Sydney, Australia, this Celebrity Cruises establishment invites you to embark on a gaming journey that pairs leisure with the enchanting beauty of Circular Quay.

Address: 5 Circular Quay W, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia

Phone: (800) 647 2251


Indulge in the gaming excitement at Royal Randwick Racecourse, situated along Alison Road in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This renowned venue isn’t just about thrilling horse races; it’s also home to one of the best casinos in Sydney. Picture yourself enjoying the lively atmosphere, placing bets, and trying your luck amidst the pulsating energy of this iconic racecourse. Whether you’re a devoted punter or a newcomer seeking a taste of the gaming scene, Royal Randwick Racecourse offers an enticing blend of horse racing and casino thrill. Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of this location, making your visit not just about the races but also about experiencing gaming excitement at one of the best casinos in Sydney, Australia.

Address: 97 Alison Rd, Randwick NSW 2031, Australia

Phone: +61 2 9663 8400

Responsible Gambling Tips

Are you embarking on a casino adventure in Sydney, Australia? Here are essential tips for responsible gambling to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Know the Odds: Before placing bets, acquaint yourself with the odds. Never wager more than you can comfortably lose. Understanding the odds adds a layer of enjoyment and keeps gambling within the realms of entertainment.

Set Affordable Limits: Determine a budget for your entertainment and adhere to it. Only use disposable income, not essential funds like bills or rent. Many gambling providers offer tools to help stick to pre-determined time and expenditure limits.

Track Your Time and Money: Keep a close eye on your gambling expenditures and time investment. This practice aids in maintaining a balance between gambling and other crucial aspects of life. Utilize tools like the Stay on Track App or Gambling Calculator for effective tracking.

Take Breaks: To maintain control, incorporate breaks into your gambling session. Whether it’s a brief pause for coffee or a more extended break, these intervals provide time for reflection. Leverage available tools and programs if you feel the need for an extended gambling hiatus.


In the heart of Australia, the best casinos in Sydney beckon with excitement and glamour. As you explore the vibrant gaming scene, these establishments offer a thrilling escape and a chance to create lasting memories. The best casinos in Australia seamlessly blend luxury and entertainment, providing a haven for seasoned players and those seeking a night of leisure. 

Each casino has a unique charm, from iconic landmarks to hidden gems, making every visit a new adventure. So, whether you’re chasing the thrill of the dice or enjoying a night out with friends, the best casinos in Sydney, Australia, promise an unforgettable experience where the buzz of anticipation and the allure of chance merge into a symphony of excitement. Dive into a world where the lights are bright and endless possibilities are at the best casinos in Australia.