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We are calling everyone who plays games or wants! Are you looking to level up your fun and squad up with friends online or on the couch? Dive into the incredible world of best multiplayer video games! 

We’ve a list of the top 10 best multiplayer video games to play, offering a variety of genres and styles to suit every kind of player. From strategic teamwork to hilarious party games, create unforgettable memories with these awesome video games to play with friends.

A History of Multiplayer Video Games

Ready to explore the incredible journey of multiplayer games to play with friends? We’ll start from text-based adventures to the bustling online worlds of today, where millions team up or fight head-to-head.

The Early Years (1970s-1980s): 

Imagine battling dragons with friends by typing! Multiplayer Online Dungeons (MUDs) pioneered, letting players interact in persistent worlds. The 80s saw the internet’s rise, and games like the Island of Kesmai offered graphical adventures for online buddies.

FPS Mania & LAN Parties (1990s):

The 90s boomed with First-Person Shooters (FPS) like Doom and Quake. These games introduced local area network support, igniting the party craze where friends battled it out in person. It also birthed Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) like EverQuest. These video games to play with friends in the vast online worlds let thousands team up and explore.

Strategic Battles & Esports (Late 1990s-2000s): 

Real-time strategy (RTS) games like StarCraft entered the scene, captivating players with competitive online modes. This era saw the birth of esports, with organized tournaments attracting millions. Meanwhile, FPS thrived with titles like Counter-Strike, emphasizing fast-paced, skill-based multiplayer.

Consoles Join the Fray & MOBAs Rise (2000s):

Consoles entered the online arena with Xbox Live’s launch. Halo 2 became a defining title for online console multiplayer. This decade also saw the rise of a new genre – the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). Games like League of Legends took the genre mainstream, attracting millions with strategic online brawls.

Modern Warfare & Thriving Communities (2000s-Today):

Call of Duty and Battlefield redefined online FPS experiences with large-scale battles and innovative features. These titles and the continued success of the best multiplayer video games fostered massive online communities to build lasting friendships.

List of Games

We are calling all adventurers, warriors, and zombie slayers! Are you searching for the best multiplayer video games to conquer or make new alliances in online world? Check out the amazing games below:

1. Valheim

A sprawling open world brimming with Norse mythology, where you and up to nine comrades can band together as Vikings. The best multiplayer video games like Valheim throws you headfirst into a survival saga unlike any other. 

Best Multiplayer Video Games

Craft mighty weapons, build majestic settlements, and explore a breathtaking landscape teeming with mythical creatures. Gather resources, share the spoils, and conquer the wilderness together! This world demands a strong crew by your side, and embark on a legendary quest for fame and fortune.

2. Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is a nostalgic love letter to the iconic Left 4 Dead series. Team up with three allies and blast your way through hordes of bloodthirsty undead. Each map unfolds a thrilling narrative as you complete objectives and reaches safety. 

Best Multiplayer Video Games

As one of the video games to play with friends, it injects terror with terrifying infects that demand strategic teamwork. You can customize your character with a deck-building system, adding perks and upgrades to enhance your squad’s survival chances. Prepare to relive the glory days of zombie slaying with a modern twist!

3. Absolver

Absolver among the unique multiplayer video games to play with friends that challenges you to forge friendships through combat! Team up with one or two companions to conquer a captivating open world and hidden dungeons. Teamwork is paramount, as each area encourages coordinated fighting styles. The open world allows you to encounter other players organically, where a simple in-game gesture can spark an unexpected alliance. 

Best Multiplayer Video Games

4. Phasmophobia

Have you ever dreamed of ghost hunting with your bravest friends? Phasmophobia is known as the best video games to play with friends and it throws you into paranormal investigation. 

Explore haunted locations, utilize classic ghost-hunting equipment and uncover the chilling truth that lurks within. 

Best Multiplayer Video Games

Communication is crucial. Analyze evidence, identify the spirit type, and escape with your sanity intact! The ghosts are listening, so step carefully and work as a team to unravel the mysteries of the afterlife.

5. Warframe

One of the best multiplayer video games, Warframe is a free-to-play space ninja that thrives on satisfying action. Up to four players band together as Tenno, a race of warriors wielding incredible powers. 

Best Multiplayer Video Games

Blast through hordes of enemies, parkour across diverse alien landscapes and unlock a vast arsenal of weapons and abilities. Warframe’s deep progression system and captivating gameplay loop will keep you hooked for hundreds of hours. 

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6. Monster Hunter Rise

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of hunting colossal beasts with your closest companions. As one of the video games to play with friends, it  takes you on an adventure inspired by medieval Japan. Each monstrous encounter requires meticulous planning and teamwork. Study your prey, choose the right weapons, and work together to bring down these fearsome creatures. The learning curve might be steep, but mastering the art of the hunt alongside your friends is immensely rewarding.

Best Multiplayer Video Games

7. World War Z

World War Z throws you into the heart of a devastating global zombie pandemic, just like the hit movie. This co-op shooter throws hordes of fast-moving, relentless zombies at you and your three comrades. Travel across diverse locations, from war-torn Jerusalem to bustling New York City, experiencing the apocalypse on a global scale. The variety of difficulty levels, character classes, and unlockables ensures a fresh and exciting experience for a good while. 

Best Multiplayer Video Games

8. God’s Trigger

God’s Trigger among the best multiplayer video games and is a stylish, top-down shooter with a deliciously outlandish premise. Play as any character, angelic warrior or a demonic slayer, to fight against a common enemy. The presentation is great, action is fast-paced, and the sheer absurdity of the concept is endlessly entertaining.

Best Multiplayer Video Games

9. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

As one of the video games to play with friends, it drops you into a grim world overrun by Skaven. 

Best Multiplayer Video Games

Assemble your warband of up to three friends and choose from various intriguing character classes. It ranges from the righteous Witch Hunter to the Wizard. Each level is a combat and strategic ranged attacks, demanding close cooperation and heroism. Vermintide 2 throws lore-heavy dialogue and intense boss battles, making it a true feast for fans and newcomers.

10. Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic throws you into a space-mining co-op unlike any other. Team up with three friends and delve into procedurally generated cave systems teeming with valuable minerals and hostile alien creatures. 

Best Multiplayer Video Games

Each mission requires careful planning, strategic teamwork, and a healthy dose of firepower. From illuminating dark tunnels to carving a path forward, each class plays a vital role in success. As one of the best multiplayer video games, it is a thrilling blend of exploration, resource gathering, and intense combat.

Multiplayer Video Games: Insights From An Exciting Experiment Conducted

Forbes’ study explores this idea, revealing surprising connections between the best multiplayer video games and real-world workplace dynamics.

This research delves into the collaborative magic that unfolds when groups of employees team up in online games. The findings unveil communication patterns that can be applied to video games to play with friends and colleagues. It in return leads to a more efficient environment.

  • Rapid and Appropriate Communication:  Gamers excel at conveying essential information quickly and clearly. They understand the difference between casual chatter and critical instructions, ensuring everyone is on the same page. It translates to the workplace by streamlining communication channels and eliminating information overload.
  • Rapid Trust-Building:  Effective communication fosters trust within online gaming teams. Timely responses and clear goals establish a sense of reliability and confidence, a crucial element for any successful project. Clear communication builds trust in the workplace and ensures everyone is working towards a common objective.
  • Trusting and Filtering Data: They learn to identify trustworthy data sources and filter out irrelevant details. It translates to the workplace by encouraging employees to assess information and utilize sources to complete tasks.
  • Dynamic Leadership:  Gaming teams prioritize situational leadership. The “leader” adapts based on the task, allowing the most skilled person to take charge. This concept challenges traditional workplace hierarchies, suggesting that leadership can be fluid and expertise-driven.


The blog concludes our exciting exploration of the best multiplayer video games! Whether you crave Viking adventures, or cooperative zombie showdowns, there’s a world waiting for you. 

So grab your team, choose your game, and get ready to forge unforgettable memories – laughter, teamwork, and victory!  Remember, the most important aspect of these games is the chance to connect and have fun with friends.